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Project Power Gym

The World's Premier Fitness Center

Project Power Gym offers 24/7 gym floor access, personal training, boot camps and classes, member convienence store and lounge, childcare, exclusive amenities, and a gym culture that is second to none. We strive to deliver the absolute best for you to succeed.

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Mission Statement

What We Were Born to Do

The Project Power Mission Statement is simple: To get people lasting results, to evoke a new understanding for what is possible, and to do it with energy, enthusiasm, and authenticity.

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Bart Pietrzak, Project Power Gym owner and personal trainer, takes you on a tour of our facility.

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Wellness on your schedule

24/7 Access to Meet Your Needs

We understand that your lifestyle changes. That’s why we’ve made fitness straightforward and stress-free. We value flexibility at Project Power, so we offer unlimited 24/7 access to our facility through the Project Power Gym app.

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Training Expertise

Need Help Changing Your Life?

The road to change is paved with uncertainty and challenge. Project Power has a Personal Training department that has been forged on the most complete human assistance possible. The elite training staff at Project Power is solely judged on their ability to take someone under their wing and walk the path to results together.

Project Power hand picks its trainers based on their ability to deliver physical results along with the most pure and deep personal character possible. Our goal is to go far beyond “goals”. Book a free sit down with one of our specialists HERE .

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Heart and Soul

Here to Help You Make Real Changes

Embarking on a journey to truly help ourselves change is a very personal and intimate experience. With so many habits to change and disciplines to create, having the proper environment is crucial to success.

Project Power was born to provide the proper conditions to nurture the change that we seek. Its not about making everyone fit into the same box, its about listening to that heart and soul and giving it a place to flourish.

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What sets us apart

Why You Should Choose Project Power Gym

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    24/7 Gym Access

    All members have 24/7 gym floor access through the Project Power Gym app - work out on your schedule!

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    Top-Notch Gear

    Our Panatta gym equipment comes straight from Italy. We offer pin-loaded, plate-loaded, and cable equipment to help you meet your goals.

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    Turf Area

    Our 4,000 square feet of turf provides a perfect place for athletes to train either individually or as a team. There's no better place to warm up or recover before or after your workout.

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    Quality of Life

    Our gym features amenities that other gyms ignore: private showers, selfie rooms, dynamic mirror lighting, a beautiful member lounge, daycare, convenience store, and cold plunges.

  • Results-Driven Trainers

    A training staff that combines hard work ethic with an ability to connect on a personal level

    Our Trainers
  • 1,500+ Served

    Project Power has helped more than 1,500 people achieve their goals.

  • Daily Classes

    We offer specialized classes every day. Let us help maximize your potential!

    Classes & Bootcamps
Project Power Success Stories

Testimonials from Our Members

We love helping our clients reach their potential. Here are just a few of our happy clients' sucesses. Your story could be next

  • Brooke Jono's Client

    Working with Jono has been an absolute pleasure. My biggest reason for seeking a personal trainer is my lack of confidence and knowledge when it comes to the gym which has hindered my goals of being in great physical shape. Jono has pushed me mentally and physically in the best ways possible so I can become the best version of myself. While this is still a work in progress on my end, I continue to grow and feel more comfortable in my own body and even feel myself wanting to show off my progress more and more even after just after just a few days a week and 4 months of training. If you want someone who is going to be your biggest cheerleader but kick your ass at the same time to make sure your goals are achieved, Jono is your guy. I’ve never felt more confident in my appearance ever and I couldn’t have kickstarted this journey without him.

  • Riley Mike's Client

    Riley’s training at Project Power with Mike has been monumental not only on her physical strength and power but her mental toughness. Mike, totally understanding the athletes sport and talking about how to use your body properly for the field. He also talks through aches and pains, where they are coming from and advises how mitigate them through strength training. Riley has loved coming to one on ones with Mike and always comes out exhausted but loving what it does for her. We have seen a drastic change in Riley’s speed and mobility. She also enjoys coming to Mikes boot camps to work on strength and to keep her fitness level up. We are so pleased and will continue to train with Mike the next 2 years of school to prepare her for college.

  • Kortney Victoria's Client

    I am incredibly happy with victoria and my personal training with her. I have struggled for years with my fitness goals. I have gone to several gyms and done different classes but I feel that I’ve finally found “home” for my fitness journey. Over the past three months not only have I lost several pounds and inches but I have also gained strength and confidence. Victoria has taught me so much from proper form, movements for specific ares, the importance of stretching, to dialing into my nutrient. I never have tracked macros prior to my time with her and I truly undertand now how important your nutrition is as much as working out.

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